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Strategy Mapping

The main concern of most CEOs worldwide is how they can motivate everyone within the organization to contribute, in their daily activities, to the realization of the companys mission, goals and implementation of strategy.

Superior strategy execution requires a motivating process and management system that allows all employees to connect to and internalize the strategy, so that they are motivated to support the strategic objectives in their everyday operational activities. An integrated performance system is one that links strategy to operations and integrates processes already in place - such as planning, budgeting, costing, reporting and incentives to create a company-wide view. One major challenge is to link the pieces. As it relates to strategy execution, your employees ask themselves the following questions:

  • Do I understand why this strategy is necessary?
  • Do I understand what I have to change?
  • Am I motivated to adopt the changes?
  • Am I confident that I m able to do so?
  • Am I confident that I will have sufficient support and resources?
To answer the question "do I understand what I have to change" you need to translate the strategy into operational terms. To do so, we use the strategy mapping technique which is a visual representation of the pathway to achieve breakthrough strategic success.

The technique of strategy mapping will build consensus about the strategy and create understanding of the strategy.

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