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Office of Strategy Management

The increasing challenges of faster changing business environments such as increased customer expectations, boosted competition or the financial/economic crisis are demanding quick and well-structured responses. Innovative strategy management systems like the KAPLAN /NORTON EXECUTION PREMIUM METHODOLOGY or the RAMASWAMY / PRAHALAD-CO-CREATION APPROACH are the right solutions but are at the same time complex and challenging to be implemented successfully.  

To drive such innovative strategy management systems detailed process steps need to be defined and clear accountability has to be established. Dr. Norton, one of the founders of the Balanced Scorecard, said: "Strategy Management is an art that executives have to master in order to achieve strategic goals!", meaning that specific competencies for the responsible Strategy Managers have to be built-up and a well-structured change management is necessary to adjust the organization to the new strategy management process. Relevant best practice researches have repeatedly confirmed that a properly established Office of Strategy Management (OSM) is one of the critical success factors to ensure a sustainable integration and management of these innovative strategy processes.  

It is the OSM that is crucial to guard the continuous process which is strategy management, make sure that strategic initiatives are being executed and make sure that the company will achieve its goals in accordance with the strategy.   With our long lasting experiences from relevant projects and international research studies, the customer benefits from our best practice pool assuring a proper and customized implementation of an efficient OSM function embedded in the organizational structure. The Strategy Management Collaborative supports its customers in clearly defining the roles and responsibilities of the Strategy Manager and help facilitating an efficient and sustainable execution of the important strategic challenges.  

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