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Often organizations struggle to bring their strategies into action. Management teams dont always agree on the vision, strategies are vague and short of differentiation, organizations are paralyzed by lack of initiatives or inconsistent behavior, different organizational entities work in different directions, people are disconnected and lack engagement, organizations consistently underperform.

Sustainable methodologies to address these issues do exist. Introducing the principles of the strategy-focused organization provides a platform for optimizing and integrating the building blocks that constitute an effective management system. There is no single solution that fits to all organizations. Relying on contingency variables and years of experience, we help organizations to master their management system by identifying the best practices on each of the five principles.

Mobilize change trough executive leadership
Translate strategy to operational terms
Align the organization to the strategy
Motivate to make strategy everyones job
Govern to make strategy a continual process

Participation and strategic dialogue are key characteristics of our approach to align strategy formulation and execution. By involving people, exchanging information and fostering strategic learning, capabilities for strategy execution are developed throughout the organization.

Strategy maps and Balanced Scorecards are the engines of a systematic strategy management system. Regular performance review meetings draw attention and effort to the strategy; prioritize improvement actions and strategic initiatives; and provide the basis to review the strategy.

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