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Value Co-Creation

Co-creation is a business strategy where the development and the continuous realization of mutual company & customer valueare emphasized. In co-creation we see markets as forums for companies and active customers to share, combine and renew each others resources and capabilities in order to create value through new forms of interaction, service and learning mechanisms. It differs from the traditional active company - passive consumer market construct of the past.

The Strategy Management Collaborative promotes co-creation by facilitating the development of networks of individuals, stakeholders, and enterprises to create value together, through engagement platforms designed to enable mutually valuable interactions and experiences.

Value co-creation can be applied in a broad range of strategic challenges such as product and service development (eg: "co-created new product development"), process and management redesign (eg: "redesigning processes through interactions"), strategy planning (eg: "co-creating strategies with stakeholders"), performance management (eg: "co-created performance management systems) and execution and public institutional change (eg. "co-creative government").

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