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Change Management

Viewing websites of established companies reveal that most of them have formulated mission and vision, but – according to several surveys and to our experience – companies have no clue on how to execute their strategy regarding the aspects of change.
Since there is a gap between operational management and long term goals, 80 – 90% fails at strategy execution. Main reasons are the low quality of strategic analyses or strategy formulation… When it comes to the strategy translation and transformation, we look at the way how we manage organizations and individuals, especially how to:

- Gain understanding/commitment to the strategic goals by workforce
- Find the right way to motivate
- Define an adequate way to engage strategic key stakeholders
- Organize strategy management

Executing strategy is a matter of a profound change on organizational level, its individuals and its culture. Change is of increasing relevance due to – externally - increasing challenges of changing markets, rising complexity and – internally - increasing workforce´s demands requiring challenging environments and stimulating work.
Professional change management helps organizations deal with the above issues.

This means e.g.:
- Values, attitudes, system of recognition,
- The individual view of persons concerned,
- The way of resistance from different levels

must be considered at a very fundamental level. Thereby there are many hidden obstacles to be discovered and success factors to be considered where profound experience is strongly recommended.
Only after a thorough assessment of organization and culture, and an understanding of the strategic challenges that the organization faces, it is possible to develop a migration path that is consistent and feasible.

Change Management is an essential domain of strategy execution accompanying people - management and workforce - along the 6 strategy management phases of Kaplan and Norton. With a clear purpose, transparency in the leaders´ attitudes and a robust process of change, a successful transformation of organization and culture becomes possible and strategy becomes executed.

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