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Public Sector

The Public Sector is a very diverse segment of the economy. 
The differences start from the very beginning, at the definition of its main business goal, where instead of having a challenge of maximizing monetary returns for its investors and or shareholders, the main challenge, normally, is to accomplish its own mission, delivering the "services" required by its stakeholders.
Of course, this challenge of delivering the "service" may be different for every Public Organization, but it is possible to summarize it on 3 levels: Efficiency, Efficacy and Effectiveness.

Efficiency means the abilityto maximize the available resources usage. It is common to relate this challenge with the capacity of having a well structured Cost Management Process, collecting management process and a goal management process, where the development of a robust organizational Strategy Agenda and a related managerial Strategy Agenda is required.

Efficacy is related to the ability of anorganization to implement the main programs defined at the Strategic Plan. Normally, those main programs are transversal of the organizations structure, requiring a very well defined Governance Model and a Portfolio Management Process.

Finally, Effectiveness. In a public sector organization, this is related to the ability of an organization to making an important positive difference for its stakeholders life. It is at this stage where, recently, the Public Organizations are building a process to get closer to their own stakeholders through a process called Collaborative Governance or simply Open Government.

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