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Mining & Metals

Mining & metals is an economic industry traditionally linked to challenges and technical management paradigms, such as the knowledge about and the availability of mineral resources, engineering and operational efficiency of processes, among others.
However, this industry is not alien to the rising levels of interdependence, speed of change and risk in an actual business environment that is complex, dynamic and adaptive.In this context, the challenge of "linking strategy to operation" has become a critical need for the organizations in this industry. It requires today, more than ever:

  • a perspective that is more inter-functional to business (process and results)
  • internal and external collaborative relationships supporting challenges focused on the environment (integration with stakeholders),
  • effective and anticipatory decision-making (balance between the short and long term)
  • capacity for organizational learning (strategy as a vehicle for communication of priorities and learning)

The members of the Strategy Management Collaborative have been working in these areas with the biggest local and global players of the mining and metals industries. These have been both, out of the public and private sector, operating in countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.
The Strategy Management Collaborative has actively collaborated in the development of approaches that have supported sustainable growth of the sector. One important program has been for instance a programme for the development of suppliers in order to raise them to the standard of best-in-classworldwide.Our support to clients occurs under the methodological framework of the Execution Premium.

This framework is widely tested and in continuous development. It has been applied at the corporate management level, business, business units, functional units and support units and management relationship with suppliers and stakeholders. This conceptual framework is complemented by a learning approach that seeks to achieve sustainable results with people playing a central role in it.

The members of the Strategy Management Collaborative also regularly organize discussion forums and learning group sessions analysing state of the art of strategy management experiences in the industry. This activity is developed engaging leaders and executives to share experiences, discuss practices and future developments and collaborate in the development of new knowledge.

This has been the way the Strategy Management Collaborativehas been contributing to the professional development of "activists of the strategy", by means of a discipline of pragmatic strategy execution through those that "make the strategy happen" in this industry.

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